Why Is A Man And Van Mover Better At Moving Stuff Than You?

Why Is A Man And Van Mover Better At Moving Stuff Than You?

Some people think that they are all-rounders who can do whatever they seek out to do. It is their belief that if they put their mind to a task, they will be able to achieve it no matter what.

Take the example of moving houses. The macho individuals will almost always make the first attempt to move their belongings to the new place on their own. They may even achieve this feat albeit with several bumps and bruises on their shins and arms, and a few damaged belongings here and there but for the majority, such an attempt results in an excess bickering among the family members, bad temper and even some swear words. There are a few simple reasons why a London man and van hire professional is better than an average guy at moving goods:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.04.19 pmThe first reason is for this is motivation: some will argue that there is no bigger motive in a move than the safe transport of your belongings. But a quick look at human nature should dispel this thought: for a human, the biggest motive is being paid to do something. For the London man and van hire person, the motive behind doing the job in a satisfactory manner is the salary he gets from his employer. As long as his work is good, as long as there are no complaints, the company will hire him and pay him, which is the biggest motivation for professional conduct. Many movers make the extra effort of being polite and indulgent with the customer in the hopes of earning a decent tip. On the other hand, the person who is moving his belongings by himself will have no such motivation – all they will look forward to is sore muscles and a lot of unpacking. This will, hopefully, answer the question of who is better suited for the job in terms of motivation.

The second important factor to consider is the technical expertise: a professional London man and van hire employee will be better suited for the job simply because it is what he does. This is his profession, he knows about the various tips and tricks involved in it. Say, for example, that such a pro will know which route to take on any given day to ensure that the delivery is made within time, with minimum hassle. This is because he has spent years in this field, driving around London and getting comfortable with the city’s intricate layout. You on the other hand, are only improvising – you have no prior experience in moving goods between locations which means that you will make mistakes along the way that the professional already knows to look out for. So there you have it, a conclusive reason why you should go for a man and van hire company instead of trying to do it on your own – you will save time, money and your body from a lot of punishment and you will be better ready for the task of unpacking and reorganizing your belongings at your new place.