Use of Simple Machines While Moving Furniture

Organized and efficient packing is a key towards successful and hassle free moving. All of us think that we can easily do the packing of things but when it comes to doing it practically, most of us fail to do so in efficient and organized way, ending up completely lost.

While moving most of people prefer to do packing on their own and in their own way. Small things such as clothes, kitchen utensils, crockery and other such things can be easily packed up in boxes but for big things like furniture you need to dismantle them before moving. Dismantling of furniture and moving of the electrical appliances can be efficiently done by making use of simple machines such as small pulleys, trolleys, screw drivers, etc.

  • Taking services of man and van companies: If you are taking services of a moving company, then you do not need to worry about this. These house moving companies have specialized equipment with them to move the big furniture of your house. They have special trolleys to take the items from your house towards the truck and they also make use of inclined planes to load the heavy furniture in the loader or truck. Their workers can also dismantle your furniture by making use of screw drivers and can pack the parts in the boxes.
  • Doing packing yourself: even if you are doing packing yourself you need simple machines like screw drivers and trolleys. If you have assembled the furniture yourself from flat pack then you need to find the assembling instructions so that you can easily dismantle the furniture by making use of different screwdrivers. So keep the screwdrivers set handy. After dismantling you should place the screws and nuts etc. in separate bags along with the furniture parts and label them. You can make use of trolleys for moving the furniture parts in the truck. You can make the inclined planes with simple plane boards in the stair case to transport the things from the upper portion of your house, downstairs and towards the truck.

These simple machines are very useful tools which help you to pack and move your furniture during moving process.

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