How to manage on the day of moving?

Moving is like two sides of a coin. Along with excitement of moving to a new house comes the painful task of packing, transporting, unpacking, and arranging. The most stressful of all the days is the day you have to finally move. To be able to make it a smooth day without last minute hassles, delay due to unexpected events, unwanted expenses and added pressure, the moving day should be planned well in advance.

Preparing for the moving day:

To start with, everything should be packed and ready before the moving day. There should be nothing at all left to be taken care of or packed on the day you decide to move. Next, the time for moving should be decided well in advance, whether you are hiring professional movers, renting out a moving van or some other plan. Making sure that the timing is neither too early nor late is very important.

Divide your tasks in time slots and leave enough room for any last minute additions for each task and to clean the house after everything has been moved out. Leisure is better than haste! Plan in advance for food and refreshments. Keep disposable plates, spoon, glasses etc. handy, and a garbage bag to discard all the rubbish. Clean the house, dispose-off the garbage, and be ready for the moving day. Most importantly, decide on the time and place to drop off the house keys after you vacate the house.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.04.19 pmThe moving day:

On the day you are moving, get up on time, pack your personal items as soon as you use them, and keep the luggage packs you would be carrying separate from the ones to be transported. Do a thorough check of the house once again just to make sure everything is packed and the house is clean. Stack up the boxes at one place as much as you can for an orderly quick shifting. You can get  moving boxes and packing material from most of removals companies in London.

Move the heavy furniture items first and keep the light ones for the end. Depending on the type of day, provide refreshments and light meals or snacks for those helping you. Use disposable utensils and dispose them off responsibly (in the bin).  Be a good neighbor, and do not park any vehicle in your neighbors drive way.

Don’t leave anything in their property waiting to be loaded, or step on their lawns or gardens. Instruct those helping you with the transportation to take care of these things, and respect neighbors’ property and privacy. Make sure all the windows and blinds are closed, doors locked, utilities disconnected or switched off, and taps closed tight enough not to drip any water. Be available to the movers for doing the paper work and other formalities. If you are moving to a new place by flight, be updated with your flight schedule and leave on time keeping a margin of any unexpected delays like traffic or flat tire.

To give you a peace of mind, have a backup plan for unexpected events like a friend or relative to assist you with the moving.