Good conduct – a simple tip to boost your van hire business’s approval

Good conduct – a simple tip to boost your van hire business’s approval

It’s a fundamental law about the world of consumerism – it’s not how good it is but good it is made to look that will make the consumer buy your product or service.

This law applies to the London man and van hire businesses as well. There are numerous small van hire businesses out there whose quality is far superior to that of the competition but they fail to generate a customer base because their removal teams are unable to put on a good show in front of the clients. After professionalism, the most important thing to make a good impression on a customer is good conduct. In fact, it can be said that a fusion of skills, intelligence and good conduct is necessary to make a true professional.

 Van Hire LondonGood conduct, as far as a London man and van hire business is concerned, means treating the client whose goods you are moving and whose house you are in with respect and empathy. The customer should feel that you value their suggestions and try to incorporate them into the way you are handling the job. They should have the impression that they are in charge of the move and it is going according to their designs. Whenever you feel that there is a better way at handling the task than the way proposed by the customer, politely point it out, without seeming to be condescending. Make the customer feel that whatever you’re saying or suggesting is in their best interest, that you only want to get their goods packed and moved in the quickest and safest manner possible.

It is the duty of a man and van hire professional to keep in mind that the customer is under considerable duress owing to the fact that they’re in the middle of moving homes, that they have a dozen other things to bear in their mind such as saying goodbye to friends and neighbors, and cancelling newspaper subscriptions and so on. If they behave in an irritable or unreasonable manner, it is probably because their nerves are stretched to the breaking point. In such a scenario, instead of arguing with the client, you should simply remain calm and be polite but firm – they will eventually see the reason in words. Your ultimate goal is of course packing and moving the goods, but if you do it in a nice enough way, you are bound to be remembered by the client and referred to other family and friends by them. Who knows? They might even vouch for you one day to a total stranger at an online forum.