Create A List When Moving And Relocating House

Create A List When Moving Home

Moving home is very similar to shopping. This is because you should write a list of everything that has to be done before getting the keys to your new home. Moving home in Boston might be something which is done a couple of times in your life. It doesn’t matter how often you have moved because you will probably dread it due to how stressful it’ll be. However, by writing a list, stress can be alleviated. The former is definitely true if you have lived with your parents for the whole of your life. This is because you don’t know what has to be done.

So, here’s what to do when moving home for the first time:

Contact Utility companies

If you will be living on your own, utility companies such as gas and electric should be contacted. By getting in touch with them long before you move, accounts with them will be created. It also means that you won’t have to contact them after moving in.

Inform TV Licensing

A TV license is not required if you watch television after it has been broadcasted live. Even if you watch a television program minutes after its original air date, you won’t have to pay for a TV license. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need a TV license because the authorities should be told either way. As a huge fine can be imposed, it is in your best interests to inform TV licensing.

Check White Goods

The property which you are moving into might not have any white goods. Although they can be bought brand new, a fridge or a washing machine can be purchased from a second hand shop. When buying a gas cooker, it should be bought from a shop on the high street. This is because certified gas engineers can install a gas cooker for a very reasonable price. If a second hand gas cooker is installed by a gas engineer that is hired privately, you could pay twice as much.

Moving ChecklistRemoval Companies

There are scores of man and van hire and each can charge varying amounts of money. To keep costs down, you should search around and ask for a quote from multiple removals companies. This is because you will be provided with several quotes and not a couple of them. You could discover that there are only a handful of house movers in Bromley who charge low rates for moving many boxes and items of furniture. By obtaining quotes from several removal companies, you will know roughly how much has to be paid and not a ballpark figure.

Cardboard Boxes

Although sturdy plastic boxes could be bought, it is very expensive to buy many of them. There is a cost effective alternative – cardboard boxes. Fast food restaurants and supermarkets throw out several of them every day. By asking a manager or a store owner, you can get a considerable number of cardboard boxes free of charge. Supermarkets are another place which you can get boxes from. If you don’t want to spend time asking for cardboard boxes, they can be bought. Although you will have to buy them, you will at least know where to go if more are required.

So, if you’re about to move home for the first time, this advice should be embraced and added to your checklist. By knowing what has to be done, you won’t worry about whether you’ve forgotten to do something which has to be completed long before moving in.